Monday, May 11, 2015

                                                 Jordan's last baptism, yesterday (May 10)

"This has been the greatest but also the hardest two years of my life." May 11, 2015

Thanks so much....
It kinda feels unreal.
I'm really excited to see you guys.
This has been the greatest but also the hardest two years of my life. I realized on the mission how easy my life is and how blessed I am. I have learned so many things here that I could never have learned doing anything else. I love El Salvador. I love the lord and have loved serving him and hope to keep serving him in the house. [I think he means, "at home"]

Monday, May 4, 2015

"Man, not gonna lie, super pumped to talk this week!" May 3, 2015

Thats such great news!!!! (About Ben's mission call to Detroit, leaving August 12!)

yeah im excited for you guys to come here!!!

man, not gonna lie, super pumped to talk this week i told dad at like 8 or 9!!!! see you this week!
this was last week!! (referring to the pictures, which we think are of Jonathan's baptism that he talked about last week)
sorry i am kinda done writing hahaha! love you all!!!


Monday, April 27, 2015

"He said, thanks brother "Tander" for helping my brother" April 27, 2015

This week was amazing. A perfect week.

We went to the temple for the last time on Tuesday and after we ate Mcdonalds. So that was really great.

We also had a baptism of Jonathan. He's a 16 year old who's really good. He is the only member of his family. His little brother is so sweet, he is 9 years old. After the baptism he got up to give his testimony. He said that he wants to be baptized to follow his brothers footsteps then he thanked us for teaching his brother and helping him out. He said thanks brother "tander" for helping my brother, it was so sweet.

Also I had my final interview with president already!!
He gave me some great counsels. I wrote some down.

love you all.

"Still just working hard and trying to finish strong" April 20, 2015

Dang that's too bad about Jonba, and wish him happy birthday!! I don't have his email!!

Everything is going great, I haven't been sending pics casue some elder on interchanges was playing with my camera and messed it up!
Still just working hard and trying to finish strong, sometimes it's kinda hard cause everyone in my area knows when I leave so they're always telling me how many weeks I have left and all that! But it's fine, I will be calling on Saturday the 9th of May by Skype! We will plan lots of things there haha. Love you guys so much!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

" Sometimes on Mondays its hard not to think about home and everything but during the week is a breeze, always working hard cause I wanna finish good." April 13, 2015

This week was great, we have a couple baptismal dates!!!

One with a 60 year old dude name Ricardo!! He's super cool, and super funny.

Also with a girl named Roxana, she's 15 and really smart and really wants to get baptized, the only hard part will be her older brother that's an evangelical. We think he talks bad about the church to her.

Everything is going great. Sometimes on Mondays its hard not to think about home and everything but during the week is a breeze, always working hard cause I wanna finish good. Love you all, sorry I'm writing so little, haha.

P.S. My comps name is Elder Villanueva he's from Peru so officially I never had a white comp.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

                                One of many photos found on the internet, of Semana Santa.

"But It doesn't change anything, still trying to be focused and help all of our investigators." March 30, 2015

This week is gonna be an awesome week!

1. We are going to the temple on Friday with investigators, going to be great!

2. Conference is always amazing.

3. Semana Santa- this week is holy week and there is lots of cool catholic traditions. One was today and I wanted to go so bad. In a place called Texistepeque they have people that dress up like red devils and they whip people and supposedly its like the punishment for their sins. Look up Texistepeque semana santa and I bet you'll see some cool stuff!

4. And also I am starting my last change or transfer. Kinda crazy that I'm gonna be part of the oldest group here. But It doesn't change anything, still trying to be focused and help all of our investigators. We have some good ones right now. Lovin life.

-Elder Tanner 

Monday, March 23, 2015

                                                      A photo Jordan sent this week.

"I love Christ, and every time someone says that Mormons don't believe in Christ and only in Joseph Smith, it offends me." March 23, 2015

This week I was reading in the Liahona and there was an image that impacted me alot it's called "The Agony in the Garden" by Frans Schwarz (Danish) It's a painting that has Christ in the Garden with the angel. It made me think of the Atonement and also of the divine help that we need to be able to overcome any problem. Christ being the most powerful person and greatest person who has touched the earth needed comfort from the angel in the garden. When we think about the Atonement it really is too hard to understand all that he suffered. Christ at one point in his life fasted 40 days and 40 nights and in that verse it said "he was hungry." Imagine us after 2 days, 3 days, a week fasting!! We would be dead! But we see when he fasted he didn't even complain or feel pain. But in the moment in the garden he begged the father that he could pass the pain and take it away. But always willing to complete his mission. There we can see the sheer agony that he suffered. I love Christ, and every time someone says that Mormons don't believe in Christ and only in Joseph Smith, it offends me. He is our Savior and how the bible dictionary says "the capitan of our salvacion."

"I love that kid and he's a great example for me." March 16, 2015

This week was great... I wanna tell you guys about an Hermano named Adan.

He's 82 and a gardener. He's got a huge hunchback, he's so bad of health. And he works everyday all day still. He told us that he started to work when he was 7, he never went to school or anything. But he's a member of the church, sadly he's inactive. Because he's forced to work on Sunday or they will kick them out of his little house that's like a shed. But it's so crazy that he has been so long working 75 YEARS. He's an example!

Also yesterday I gave a class about Christ. In the class there is a part that talks of Christ-like people. I talked about Chris Moore. He's the best example of Christ. I talked about when he would help me turn down my music in my car that maybe wasn't the best, and wake up to study the scriptures when we lived together, preaching the gospel in highschool through playing basketball. And many other things. I love that kid and he's a great example for me.

love you all.

Montecristo Parque

"Honestly I would write more sorry, but these buttons are so stiff that my arms hurt!" March 9, 2015

Joint meeting with Becca will be great!!!

Sorry right now I'm on the worst computer, the keyboard is terrible, so I wont be able to type a lot. We're in Metapan right now today we are going to a wildlife park named Montecristo and supposedly its super cool. It borders Honduras and Guatemala. Honestly I would write more, sorry, but these buttons are so stiff that my arms hurt! love you guys!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

"My new area is super cool, it's a branch." March 2, 2015

So this week was great.
My new area is super cool, it's a branch. Our church building is an old school. Haha it's super hot but super cool.

My comp is really cool.

Yesterday was the elections of the mayor... If Mario Moreira doesn't win I'm gonna kill myself.....

Something awesome happened the other day..... last Sunday we found a super good investigator that was a referral. On Thursday we visited him and we left him with the commitment to read and ask to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet. When we went on Saturday he told us he prayed and received an answer. He said he was taking an accounting test and two totals came out.... The first one was 1820... the second 1829. 1820 was the first vision and 1829 was when Joseph Smith received the priesthood. And they're the only dates that are in the pamphlet and he said he knew that was an answer to his prayers. It was so cool... he accepted to be baptized the 22 of March. His name is Wilber.

Love the mission...

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

"Everything is good, I'm in my last area!" February 23, 2015

Some pics from the last week!

Everything is good, I'm in my last area! It's called Santa Ana Norte. My comp is Elder Tapia from Peru.
I'm in the same Zone as Elder Kendall again... super awesome.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

"We contacted 220 people in 20 minutes with all the missionaries and got like 45 referrals" February 16, 2015

Hey I just figured out that i got changes!! so i will be going to my last area....
I love my area but i got almost 6 months.... and it will be good for a change.

The zone meeting was super cool on tuesday the assistants showed up cause they wanted to see the meeting.... We contacted 220 people in 20 minutes with all the missionaries and got like 45 referrals so it was a really good activity and really fun. Ill send some pics of where we were.

Elder Smith goes home this week.... that makes me sad. Hes like my best bud... hopefully you guys can meet him.

love you

another pic of my graphic thing... we gave cards to the whole zone.
me and elder juarez my old comp.
and the zone in the restaurant... kinda a bad pic.. but whatevs.

Monday, February 9, 2015

"Siempre Tanner Fecha" February 9, 2015

So this week was good, except my comp was sick for Saturday and Sunday.  He's been throwing up a ton has diarrhea and a fever. They came to our house and put an IV in. But he's feeling better now. But we couldn't leave for two days and I was going kinda crazy. But the members in our ward are so good, they were there bringing us food always. They would just call and ask me if I had eaten (cause my comp couldnt eat) and then just bring me a ton of food. The last couple days I've eaten so much!

We got a super sweet zone meeting planned for tomorrow. Its a surprise though... so low key. But we are gonna take the whole zone to a restaurant in Santa Ana and have the meeting there. We are gonna do a sweet practice of contacting people in the street and all 32 missionaries are gonna leave and there is two big parks in the city center and were gonna split up in two groups and contact everyone. The goal for the 15 minutes is that we can talk to 200 people as a zone. Gonna be cool and after, the owner of the restaurant (isn't member) were gonna have 2 missionaries teach him in front of everyone, but its gonna be a cool practice cause he's a real investigator. And then after we're gonna eat there.

We're teaching a cool family that has dreadlocks. They are 27 years old and both have dreads... they are super chill (surprise huh?) but they have given us lunch in our first two appointments with them. They haven't really looked for a church their whole lives but the wife is pregnant so they're trying to be better. They're super cool!

Love you tons.........

made this for the zone... gonna be dope. Tanner replaced the word "tener" so it says, "always have a date"... like for baptism haha

Monday, February 2, 2015

"I'm sorry to hear about Uncle Steve, he will be in my mind and prayers." February 2, 2015

I'm sorry to hear about Uncle Steve, he will be in my mind and prayers.

I got on really early today because today at 9 we got a soccer match with our whole zone against a neighborhood in our area. It's gonna be great.
Yesterday I was reading the Liahona a little and I came across a quote from.... I think Richard G. Scott. That said, don't fall into Satan's lie that there isn't time to study the scriptures everyday. It's more important than sleep, home work, eating and many other things. So this week I was thinking about scripture study and its importance, It's something not only to strengthen us daily and give us the spirit, but prepares us for eternal life. Eternal life is to live with God and Jesus Christ and know them perfectly. Through the scriptures we can know who Christ and Our Heavenly Father are. That's why it's so important to read. I hope to keep my study habits when I get home because I know it will be more difficult but it's not that hard.
We had a not too great week because nobody went to church.... But we will get better.
That's crazy Russ is home...
thanks for everything, love you all.

Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015

                                   Jordan with Elders Thorpe and Smith participating in some
                                                            ancient Mayan activity?

Monday, January 19, 2015

                                  Helping one of their recent converts rebuild their house.

"Everything is great here.... just trying to finish off strong my last few months!!" January 19, 2015

Yeah Exciting week for PHS! Tell Ben to congratulate them!

Yes I got the package thanks so much! I love pics... I never get sick of them!

So with Joel, the one who has a drinking problem, things are going great. He accepted a date to be baptized!! So hopefully for the 1 of Feb. he will be baptized if he doesn't drink again! But he's super awesome and he was telling us he wants to bring all of his friends to church and that's always a sign of conversion! We want to help him go on a mission in a year!!

Yesterday we had our monthly meeting with the stake presidency and the bishops and the mission president and it was really good. After our president surprised us and was like lets go visit. So he went to our appointments with us. That was really cool cause I had never gone to work with him... Sadly all the appointments fell through. But we got to visit some of the recent converts and President teaches with such a spirit. It was really cool to teach with him and learn from him.

The joint multi zone was sweet.
Everything is great here.... just trying to finish off strong my last few months!!

Monday, January 12, 2015

"the Lord wants that I learn and I have, so that's good." January 12, 2015

So this week is gonna be cool!
We are gonna have a joint zone meeting with Modelo. We are two of the biggest zones, There will be 60 missionaries there.... so I'm a little nervous, because you guys know me and I hate talking in front of people. But the Lord wants that I learn and I have, so that's good.

Ha a funny story I got on the bus to go on interchanges and there was an old guy playing the guitar on the bus, he was like 60 and a little drunk. I went to the back and sat down in a seat and he came up behind me and just started punching me in the back, yelling : "fuera, fuera" it's kinda like saying, "get out", and so I got up and sat in another seat and the guy just sat down. hahaha, everyone was just laughing, but it was kinda funny!

Sadly one of our dates fell because he's gone crazy. He's like schizophrenic, he started like stacking up bricks in front of his door and the neighbors said he will just be like screaming at night and the other night he left the house nude. So we have just backed off... its really sad cause he was good. But he lives alone and I think that's killing him.

We met a guy this week who was a little drunk... but he was listening good to us. He wants to change. He's 23 and hes been drinking since hes 10 so he looks like he's 35. But poor guy never knew his parents cause they are both dead and he just grew up with his grandma. But anyways we brought him to church and we hope that he can keep progressing and leave his habits. I know he can cause I've seen it lots in the mission.

Elder Tanner

Monday, January 5, 2015

                                           Dancing with machetes at the ward party!
                                                The latin Santa, Tonito
                                                    Jordan with a member family
                            Christmas dinner with familia Sanchez.  Bro Sanchez is the Stake President. 

"I'm not gonna share my goals but just know that they're good." January 5, 2015

Well I dont have changes.... Im staying!
That's cool cause I really love my ward!

But I've made some goals for this next year.... and your email reminded me when as a family we would write down our goals for family night. I'm not gonna share my goals but just know that they're good.

One sweet thing happened this week, we knocked on a door and the guy walked out and when he walked out his door slammed behind him and the keys were locked inside. So his keys were like 15 feet away from the door but his window was open, so he built like this huge stick thing and then gave it to me cause they were too short to see in the window and the keys, you couldn't even really see them cause his lights were off so I was just stabbing into blind darkness and some how the first time it just hooked on to the tiny loop and slid down the stick and we got the keys... he was super grateful and he really wants to go to church. We went looking for him the other day and we couldn't find him... but he will be a great investigator.

sorry cause I didn't write alot but love you guys. I'm doing great!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

                                                     The baptism of Rafael and Melisa

"Yesterday we had our baptisms of Rafael and Melissa!!" December 23, 2014

This week was so fast and fun.

We had our Christmas party as a mission, it was really fun. We had a zone skit that we put together, it was really good. Great food, played basketball, and they showed us some new videos of the Piano Guys and David Archuleta that are pretty great!

I had a dream of Blaine and that we were in conference and he got called to be an Apostle haha, it was so funny cause he had like his little beard growing.

Yesterday we had our baptisms of Rafael and Melissa!! It was great... I was pleased to help them do the ordinance. I'll post photos.

Pablo, who I told you guys about last week that was falling away, but was gonna go to SOY. Yeah he went and had an amazing time. Yesterday he bore his testimony and said "I had fallin away from the church a little, I already didn't want to come. But after this week of SOY, I got a testimony. And I know this church is true, and I promised God that I won't miss another Sunday again." It was so awesome to see that... I'm glad he came back, cause he's a great kid.

Yesterday we talked to like 20 members and set up that we're gonna go caroling. They were really pumped and last night we went out with them and sung Christmas Hymns. We sang to the less actives and the recent converts. They all felt so good and so did we. 

love you guys. see you in 4 days!!

Monday, December 15, 2014

" We just sung her some Christmas hymns and told her God loves her" December 15, 2014

Wow the house looks crazy with all that snow!!!

This week was super great, we brought lots of people to church and this Sunday we're gonna baptize Rafael and Melissa.

One of my recent converts, Pablo has been falling away from the church. He was super amazing when we baptized him two months ago, but in the last couple weeks hes been falling away. All the youth in El Salvador are going to soy today. Soy is like efy. He was already signed up for it and all but recently he's fallen away but President Sanchez' son, saved him. Last night he called him and talked with him for an hour, and talked him in to going. So now he's going today to soy, and I know that will change him completely. I'm so excited for him.

It was a members birthday last Monday and he invited us over for a family night and dinner it was really good. He's so funny, I need a pic of him, his name is Toñito and he's like 60, really big and short with a moustache and glasses. But they gave us the best sandwiches, but they cooked the broth that they put on it with like a full chicken inside. So there was chicken feet and I took one to try it. haha it tasted weird, and it still has like nails so you gotta be careful when you eat it.

Yesterday we reactivated the Patriarch's daughter, she hasn't gone in lots of time. We always saw her in his house but never talked to her, this last week we decided to start talking to her, we just sung her some Christmas hymns and told her God loves her. She came to church yesterday and brought her boyfriend who isn't member. It was super awesome.

Also yesterday was the Primary program. hahaha you guys would of loved it. We also sang one of the children's hymns with the little kids, but it was so funny... the kids were adorable.

Love you guys, 

ps. send me after Christmas all the Christmas cards that you get at the house!!

Monday, December 8, 2014

           This is a photo of Jordan and his companion with a new convert family, after the Christmas Devotional last night.  Thanks to Salvador Lopez for the picture!

"so about that baptism thing... I say YES!!" December 8, 2014

This week was great!!

Yesterday we took a family to church and after church we visited them and the husband accepted the baptismal date and the wife said, "I'll tell you tomorrow". In the morning she texted us and signaled us to call her. I called her and she was like, "so about that baptism thing... I say YES!!" I was screaming in the phone! haha it was the second time Someone has accepted a date over the phone!
So the 21st we are gonna baptize Rafael and Melisa... They are super cool they are a younger family. They have two little kids. One is 7 and he's awesome, he sings the hymns and we gave him the painting book of doctrine and covenants. He is really smart.

One of my investigators found the coolest keychain. Its got a T-REX and it says TANNER on it. hahaha they said they went to an american goods yard sale and found it. I'll send a pic of it later.

The people that have a baptismal date like a week ago, They gave us sugar cane. Mom you would kill me for eating it, but its pure sugar and you just suck on it. And sugar juice comes out. But after a couple sucks its really sweet!!

Love you all excited to skype!!

Monday, November 24, 2014

                               The new basketball hoop for the district.  They look very threatening!
  The Garcia's baptism

                                                     A view from an early morning hike.

"Also a less active families baby died. It was only 30 days old." November 24, 2014

I'll try and send photos later of everything but this week was really awesome.

Haha first off... another confession. I accidentally drank tea again.... the word of wisdom is killing me on the mission haha.

Also yesterday I directed the hymns in Sacrament Meeting haha, The chorister was there but the
First Counselor is super funny so he called me up to direct the hymns. After everyone was telling me they loved it haha it was really funny. The Stake President's wife took a pic of me haha.

We had a baptism and wedding. We baptized Mario and Marisol Garcia. It was super crazy because their baptism was on saturday and on friday we had nothing ready for the wedding, we didn't even have their birth certificates or ID´s. So that was a mess, luckily we know a lawyer and she can do it really fast. But it's fine! So that was super great that they could finally get baptized, again we had President Sanchez baptize them.

Make sure and send me pics of thanksgiving.

Also a less active families baby died. It was only 30 days old. They were having a viewing in their house and sadly thieves came in and stole lots of their stuff. Those people have no heart..... really sad.

love you guys... happy thanksgiving!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

"Hermano Lopez is super nice and brought us donuts we were so grateful." November 17, 2014

I'm sorry today has been super busy and I might not have time to write a long letter.
But I might be able to when I get on later in the afternoon! I'll try my best, but this week was good.
Hermano Lopez is super nice and brought us donuts we were so grateful. He does lots for us. Here's a photo with my comp and the donuts. Also a dope flower that was by our house.
Elder Tanner

Monday, November 10, 2014

"loving the mission. only got 6 months left... crazy." November 10, 2014

This week was great. We had our stake conference yesterday and it was really good. President Sanchez is so awesome haha he cracks me up. He's a really good speaker. After his talk I was talking to him and I told him that I liked his talk and he was like, "I liked it too", then started to laugh. Every other sunday they invite us to lunch and it's always super good. And everytime we pass by just for something they give us food. They are so funny and kind. This week we had a family night with them and a family we've been taking to church, the Garcia Family. We set up a date for their wedding and baptism for the 22 of this month!!
Also we are teaching the girlfriend of the son of president Sanchez. Three weeks ago he gave us the reference and then brought her to church. In our second lesson she accepted a date for baptism!! She's super prepared.... her parents are Jehovah's Witnesses and she's grown up in that. But after the lesson on the restoration and the book of mormon she accepted a date. She read the chapter we left with her and said she prayed and felt the desire to keep learning more and she took that as an answer. We are really excited to help her progress even more. Her date is for this sunday!! So she has already progressed so fast. Her name is Karen. 
loving the mission. only got 6 months left... crazy.

Monday, November 3, 2014

"I was talking in Spanish and fake sign language" November 3, 2014

This week was super great!

First off this week we taught a deaf lady. It was really cool cause I was talking in Spanish and fake sign language, lots of pointing and drawing in the sky but it was super awesome!!

Second, This week I got to go on interchanges to Colon!!! My first area. It was so cool to see some of my converts and some of the members. The people that have baptismal dates in the area, me and Elder Bonilla were the first ones to teach them so it was cool to see your work isn't for nothing. Wilfredo, one of my converts from here is so cool. Sadly he's inactive right now but we visited him and his family and he told me it's time to go back to church. He's so cool, he's probably my favorite. He's already planning for when we [our family] come back, his wife was telling me about his plans and that he's really excited. He's not like most Salvadorans, he's got lots of money and he was telling me next November he wants to come visit Utah, and his wife said maybe they should get sealed there and I can go and I was dying!!But first they gotta get more active to do that!!

Third, Happy birthday this week Mom. Love you and miss you. Thanks for always being a great example for me. 
love you, Elder Tanner

Monday, October 27, 2014

"Cristian is an inactive member but it's kinda crazy cause like 4 months ago he got shot." October 27, 2014

This week we went to the temple, it was super great to go through for the first time in a while.
I did so many interchanges this week. I did 4 so I almost wasn't with my comp the whole week.
We had a miracle in church, Sunday morning we always pass by for everyone. When we had passed by for everyone they all said they weren't going to church. But when we finished the day we had 5 in church... it was so great. The people that came in the morning told us they wouldn't, but they just showed up!!
We're teaching a family named Cristian y Karen. Cristian is an inactive member but it's kinda crazy cause like 4 months ago he got shot. He has these scars of a bullet that went in his arm and left the other side and also in his leg, one that went through his bone and shattered his leg, so his leg has this big scar and bump too. And, that's how they met, karen is a nurse and she was helping him in the hospital and since then they have been living together. We're gonna help them get married, and baptized hopefully. Familia Rodriguez who we just baptized went to the temple on Saturday and did baptisms, the 3 of them told me they did 5 baptisms each and Imelda did one for Jose`s mom that died in a car accident in 1984. So that was super awesome to hear! They only have two weeks being baptized, they're great!
This week in our zone meeting we taught about the importance of reactivating inactives and retaining the new converts. It made me think about when I was a deacon and teacher and we would always leave church and go get Aaron Daly. Me and chris would always go see him cause we were closer to him and we would wake him up and bring him. That was always something really cool. Even though most the time we thought it was just cool to leave church during church, I know we did it with a real intent to help him. Because everytime we got him to come we felt so great.
love you guys

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

"I never thought the first time that I'd break the Word of Wisdom would be in the mission" October 20, 2014

You guys heard about the earthquake??
Yeah we felt it, it was really cool. We were sitting there taking numbers and I had just hung up the phone and my chair started to rock a little and I really didn't notice it then my comp was like, "hey, earthquake". It got a little bigger and lasted only like 20 seconds but it was cool to be moving around, it even kind of made a noise.... pretty sweet.

We're going to the temple tomorrow so that's awesome!

We put two dates with a family that we're gonna marry and baptize the 8th of November. We're really excited about that!

I have a new comp, Elder Moran. He's really cool, He's from Guayaquil, Ecuador. He's a really good teacher and really funny.

I never thought the first time that I'd break the Word of Wisdom would be in the mission, but it was haha. The other day we taught a lady and at the end of the lesson she gave us something to drink, we thought it was juice, and I downed the glass and she's like do you want more and I'm like, "oh yeah it's way good". She filled up my glass again and I asked her, what is this, Tamarindo?? and she was like no it's tea. I looked at my comps, and we all had wide eyes. She went away to go change or something and left us there alone. We started talking about what we can do, we were trying to find a place to throw it away. But then we did the worst thing ever haha, we just plugged our nose and chugged it fast. I think God will forgive us though.

well that was my week, love you guys.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

"I knew the first time I came to this church I was gonna stay here forever." October 13, 2014

But this week was awesome!! We married and baptized the family!!!!
Also I got the package and I love it!!! Thanks so much!! I always wear the LeBron shirt and the pics are so great!!! love you
Yeah so elder Kendall got dengue.... it sucks cause he was out all week. But I've gotten to see him a few times and he's doing better. We took him the sacrament on Sunday. He's changing his house too so we had to go move him and his comps stuff into their new house, but theyre staying in the same area.
This morning I went with his comp to go drop of new tables and beds and stuff and we went in the tiniest little pick up. It was this old guy that took us... he was driving so slow every car was passing us, and when we would go down hills he would turn his key and turn off the car temporarily. haha it was such a funny thing. On our way back it started raining and his windshield wipers broke so he had a hand towel and so I reached out while we were driving and cleaned his windshield haha it was a funny experience.
The family we baptized was such a blessing, we literally did nothing. they showed up on their own then we visited them that week and they accepted a date. The dad, Jose is a inactive member of lots of time, but he's super pumped to be back in the church. He preaches the gospel to everyone and is working to get his priesthood rights back. The mom, Imelda bore her testimony in her baptism and said, "I knew the first time I came to this church I was gonna stay here forever." It was amazing to hear that from her, she also paid her fast offering yesterday and they have nothing. They're already so faithful. I hope to come back in a year for their sealing. Their son, Pablo knows so much he's in like 1 Nephi 10, and he can explain everything to us, he's 16 and going to SOY (its like EFY) in December. He's excited to go on a mission in 2 years.
It was a good week, but tell Elder Kendall's family that he's gonna be fine.  I've gotten to go see him to check on him a few times and he's getting better. He will be fine. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

                      The Paraiso Zone with Elder Ochoa and the President and Sister Spjut

"Now I feel like I have to get married fast and then be a priesthood leader for the youth." October 6, 2014

Wow conference was so great!!
The priesthood Session inspired me so much.

Now I feel like I have to get married fast and then be a priesthood leader for the youth.

Elder Eyring's talk about preisthood leaders was great and about trust. I thought about all of my great leaders I've had. Brother Staker, Chamberlain,Bishop Moore,Bishop Maughan, Lindahl, Porter, Leishman. I'm sure I'm forgetting some but these guys all had a big influence on me.... I went back in time as I listened to the talk, I was such a horrible kid and they had so much patience for me. I miss them all and want to be leaders like them in the future to be able to help other young kids like they helped me.

But we had a good week, a kid went home a little early so they shutdown the area and now we're in a trio, we're with elder chico now too he's from mexico. Were helping him alot cause hes really quiet and calm. But me and my comp no.. we're loud and happy and its helping him open up alot.

Something cool just happened. We write in the chapel of Colon every week. Colon is where I started, so I was just sitting here writing and one of my converts came and hugged me haha he came to play soccer at the church. It's sweet to see converts every now and then cause we come here lots.

Loving my mission.
Elder Tanner

*  I asked about the man who they found beat up last week and this is what Jordan said. 
"He's doing better, he hasn't been drinking! but he's got a hard life. There are lots of people with problems. It is emotionally hard sometimes.... but it's fine. You just feel really bad for the people."

Monday, September 29, 2014

"Love the mission, it's great", September 29, 2014

But this week was sweet. I went on interchanges again with Elder Kendall this week, haha it's always the worst cause we just talk forever at night and the next day I'm so tired. We met this guy so great haha, his name is Leodan Salvadoreño. Look him up on youtube. He showed us some of his music videos and he says he has videos on youtube... haha hes so bad. He's like 65 and thinks he's so dope. He was telling us how famous he was. But he's a funny guy.
We had an investigator that was gonna get baptized this week. He has been a drunk for a long time, but he quit drinking and he had a month without drinking. But we showed up to his house last week and he was beaten up and drunk. What happened is that because he's from a different neighborhood, the gangsters from another neighborhood beat him up. Hes not a gangster, he was working down there, but its a different area. So, because of all the pain he was in of being beat up, he drank. So it's kinda a bummer, but were gonna keep helping him. He's a really good guy.
Love the mission, it's great

Monday, September 22, 2014

"We saw some miracles in our area this week." September 22, 2014

But this week we learned so much from Elder Ochoa. He has such a good spirit to him. It was great to meet him. He told us an awesome story about himself that he was inactive til 26 years old, and he decided to change his life.

We saw some miracles in our area this week. A family that came last week out of nowhere, we put a date with them on friday. We had only known them for 5 days. They accepted to get married, stop drinking coffee and get baptized. They are amazing, literally sent from the heavens these dates. We have been visiting them with the Stake President, he's super awesome, he talks so direct to everyone but with the spirit, you feel it. Yesterday we had our stake meeting with us, the bishops, and the Stake Presidency, and he chewed out the bishops so hard, but with doctrine and with the spirit.

I'm learning alot from him, President Spjut and other missionaries. It was a great week.

Monday, September 15, 2014

              Jordan with his great friend Elder Kendall, who is from Provo and left for the mission the same day as Jordan.

"So first off.... We got hot water!!! I haven't had hot water in 15 months!!! So awesome." September 15, 2014

This week was sooooo GREAT!!
So first off.... We got hot water!!! I haven't had hot water in 15 months!!! so awesome. also we got root beer, I hadn't drinkin root beer in 9 months.
Second, my interchanges this week were so awesome. I had one with Elder Gordon, he's from my group and were homies, and with ELDER KENDALL! haha it was so cool, last week I forgot to tell you we're in the same zone. We had a good day and we put a baptismal date together!! Also with Elder Griffin my bud from the group also. He's also one of my best buds here. So I went on 3 interchanges with 3 elders from my group. So cool.
With Elder Griffin we had an awesome experience. We were teaching a recent convert of the other elders about baptisms for the dead and she told us a dream. I usually don't believe dreams but I know this dream was true cause I could feel it. She told us she had a dream that she was a cop chasing a robber. She catches the robber and takes him to jail. When she gets to the jail a receptionist tells her to take a plate of food to a certain cell. She takes the plate of food and starts walking towards the cell. She passes through the whole prison and then it starts into a dark cave that has a door. She arrives at the door and knocks and says,"here's your food", and slides it under the door. She hears, "thank you", from behind the door and asks, "do I know you?" The man answers, yes and she opens the door and it's her dad. (her dad died 3 years ago) He started yelling at her and telling her how miserable he was and told her to get out of there, so she ran away and it ended. She asked us how we can help him to get out of there, so we continued explaining baptisms. This month we set goals for them to enter in the temple to do the ordinance for her father. Such an amazing experience to know that people really are waiting for us to help them out of their miserable state of life.
This week elder Ochoa of the Seventy is coming to our mission. It will be crazy cause after the meeting that he teaches he's gonna have a meeting with just the zone leaders, and there is only gonna be 3 zones there, so were gonna have a meeting with President, him, and 6 of us... I'm scared haha.
love you guys.

Monday, September 8, 2014

"This week I had changes and I could not be happier!!!" September 8, 2014

Mom that's an awesome story about you sharing the gospel on the airplane. At first there is always a little fear but as you talk more, honestly its fun to preach the gospel.
This week I had changes and I could not be happier!!! I came back to Zone Paraiso!! It was my first zone. My area borders my first area, so I see people I know everyday!!   I had the chance to go on interchanges in Colon and see all my first converts and see all the members... honestly it was the best ever. The Aguilar family is doing great and they are working towards getting sealed. The wife was less active for a time but we're reactivating her. The Zarceño family has a goal to get sealed in December and I will be able to go with them to see them sealed for time and all eternity.  
Also I saw some sad things... one of my converts is now a gangster and has tats... he missed me, but he told me he doesn't want anything with God right now. It's sad because he doesn't live with his mom or dad so he grew up in the street, and now a bunch of gangsters live with him.
My new ward is so cool, because I was already in this stake I knew more than half of the members and they remembered me. The Stake President remembered me and invited us to eat yesterday.
My comp is really cool, Elder Juarez from Guatemala. He's such a good teacher and a really cool dude. I love the mission.

Elder Tanner

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

"No idea where I'm going. . ." September 1, 2014

So I have changes.... :(
No idea where I'm going....

We got to participate in a baptism of the hermanas, they aren't our baptisms but one of the girls wanted me to baptize her. Also president was there.
The little girl I told you about last week who lives with her grandma is gettting baptized this weekend, but I won't be there.
Our landlord has some sweet old mayan stuff and he showed us.

We went with the presidents wife and checked all the houses of the zone. That was pretty fun.
I'm loving the mission and it's flying.....

Monday, August 25, 2014

"You guys know the name of the grandpa of Noah right?" August 25, 2014

This week was so awesome!!!

1. We baptized Celia, we confirmed William, and we put a date with a little girl named Christely. But there in the pic with Celia is her son that's down syndrome, Hector. He's so funny.

2.I started reading the Old Testament, I put a goal to finish it before I finish the mission. I always mess with all the missionaries about my newly gained Old Testament knowledge. I'll always ask like, "you guys know the name of the grandpa of Noah right?"  haha questions that few people know. It's pretty fun.

3. The little girl we have a date with is such a cute little girl. I feel bad though cause her family life is bad. Her dad is a gangster and doesn't even live with them. Her mom lives in the US because she ran away from her husband. So she lives with her grandma, her grandma is really mean too and the girl told us that sometimes she hits her and makes her do the dishes and wash clothes. She's 8 years old. But luckily every weekend she comes to live with her other grandma who is a sweet older lady in our ward.

4. Me and my comp in the street always play this game that while we're walking we try to kick rocks in between each others legs. But then we started doing it with trash and other things and this week I got him with a dead frog that was flattened by a car and then dried out by the sun. It was such a great goal.

5. The mission is great, I'm learning lots from being a leader. Looking for housing, contracting busses, and other things we always do. Its helping me tons for my future.
 An example of a bad haircut!
      "A fruit called anona, it's a really good fruit and when its ripe it opens up like that. It's not ruined, it's just perfect." 

Monday, August 18, 2014

"Love the mission...." August 18, 2014

This week there was some funny and cool things that happened.
1. We have a baptism this Sunday with Selia. She's awesome. At first she wouldn't accept the date, she didn't feel ready. But we read with her D & C 20:37 and after reading the requirements for baptism she felt ready.
2. Our convert, Sonia who got baptized last week sells food. So we were helping her make a fire to cook her food and the smoke killed us. Ha-ha we were like crying. But the smoke stuck to us for the whole day. And the son of Selia our lady that's gonna get baptized, he's down syndrome. His name is Hector and he's 10. When we went to their house later that day I sat down next to him and he made a face and started waving his hand in front of his nose. He told me I smelled terrible and we just died laughing.
3. Also a guy tried to give me the Holy Ghost in a lesson. I asked him to say the final prayer and he got up and tried to put his hands on my head to give me the Holy Ghost. He said we don't have it, so he will give it to us. He's really a contentious person, he just wanted to fight with us, but that's how the mission is. haha.
Love the mission....

Monday, August 11, 2014

"Everyone is doing so good in our zone!!" August 11, 2014

Hey sorry I'm not gonna write a long thing, we have a short time because were going to eat lunch with president!!! Our zone has never baptized 20 and last month we baptized 26!!!! A new record. But this month we have 8 baptized and 26 dates for this month, a potential of 34!! It's crazy!! Everyone is doing so good in our zone!! Don't like tell people... but its really sweet!

We baptized Sonia yesterday and put a baptismal date with someone named Selia. I'll try and send a photo of yesterday's baptism!! Thanks for everything, love you!!!

*Sorry, I couldn't get the photo to download to the blog, it was in a format that didn't work.*

Monday, August 4, 2014

                                                "A cool pot from the Museum"
                                             Jordan and Elder Sanchez at the Mayan Ruins

"There is an hermana in our ward who is exactly like Mormor." August 4, 2014

Good Week.
1. Temple trip on Wednesday, we hope to bring like 10 investigators. We're really excited. It's crazy cause last 6th of August we went on my first temple trip.
2.My comp is super cool, Elder Sanchez from Mexico.
3. I did my first contact in English. We met this guy from here that's lived in Boston his whole life. It was so funny to see a guy from here with a Boston accent.
4. There is an hermana in our ward who is exactly like Mormor. She's so friendly to everyone. Her husband is the patriarch, and they went on a couples mission. She's sarcastic and also has a huge testimony.
5. This morning we went to ruins, I'll send some pics.
6. I was noticing something really cool, everyone in this country has heard the name, Jose Smith. Literally almost everyone knows his name. Some of them have a false conception of him, but I find it cool that in a random country really far away they have heard so much of Joseph Smith!!
Love you all!!

Monday, July 28, 2014


                                                                  William's baptism

"President is inviting us over to his house to eat!" July 28, 2014

Hey sorry I'm not gonna write a long letter but this week was great!!

I got my new comp! It's Elder Sanchez!!! He's so awesome. I already lived with him for 3 months in Nahuizalco! we're best buds!

Yesterday we baptized William I'll send the photo!

Because we had a really good month as a zone for baptisms, President is inviting us over to his house to eat! We're super excited.

Also I'm' gonna send pics of this kid named Diego he's super cute.

                                                                  Pablo's baptism.

"I was thinking about in 10 months studying the scriptures as a family and with Ben to help him prepare for a mission." July 21, 2014

1. Pablo got baptized and we are going to baptize William this Sunday.

2. My comp goes home on Wednesday.... its so hard, he makes me homesick talking about what he's gonna do this week with his family and friends.....

3. I've been reading Preach My Gospel a lot and marking and writing down lots of notes it helps me learn so much more and it stays in my head. You guys should do it.

4. Also studying the scriptures, I was thinking about in 10 months studying the scriptures as a family and with Ben to help him prepare for the mission.

5. We got a big soccer game today against the Alcaldia again. Were gonna win this week.

6. Also we found a super positive family because we bought a smoothie. They make smoothies in their house and we just bought one and I saw her husband was in the other room so I called him in and he loves the states so we talked forever and he just loves me. Every time I walk by he's just like so pumped and yells, Tanner!!

7. Also our zone baptized 15 this week. We now have 19 for this month. This zone has never baptized 20 and we have 7 more dates with this week. So we should finish with 26!!! 

Good week

Monday, July 14, 2014

                                             Jordan looking patriotic on the Fourth of July!

                                        Delia's baptism.  They are obviously happy about it!